Michigan State


My Dad was the advisor to a group of college students who made their own vehicles and then raced them against other schools. This shirt is the first T-shirt I remember ever getting. We went on a trip to Milwaukee … Continue reading

Metro Manila Aide


My Father’s friend Bruce (a member of the AAAA handball collective) was rumored to have purchased this shirt off the back of a sanitation worker on a trip to the Philippines. I’m not sure how it came into my possession, but … Continue reading



This shirt is marked with the notation at the top: “EST. 1978.” It then shows a “pillar” that is made of the names of all the families of my parent’s Church group from the 1970s. They called themselves “The Pillars” … Continue reading

AAAA the A


My Dad was one of the best handball players at Michigan State University in the 1970s and early ’80s. He and three friends formed a group called “the 4 As” which stood for four assholes. They “hosted” an invitational handball … Continue reading

AAAA Ponca City, OK


Sadly, not all of the AAAA handball shirts are still around, but this is perhaps the defining shirt of the lot. It came from an actual picture that was taken at an earlier gathering. I believe my Dad is the … Continue reading

AAAA Chicago 2nd 6th


At some point the AAAA broke up as people moved to various places. I believe this tournament may have been the last and may in fact have happened in Chicago. I love that it is for the 2nd 6th Annual.

Tri-State Hospital Supply


My Dad was also on a softball team and this is one of his softball jerseys. Tri-State Hospital Supply was an important memory from my growing up. It is the way I learned about bars and softball–two things that are … Continue reading

AHS Soccer Stripe


I played soccer when I was in high school. I wasn’t very good–our team lost a lot of games. We were known for knocking guys down.



In my Senior year of high school we did a performance of Frankenstein. It was awesome. My friend Pat and I ran the sets which were two stories high, rotated around and had fantastic lighting and fog. My friend Julius played … Continue reading



My Grandma had a cottage (still in the family!) in a provincial park in Canada just south of Detroit on Lake Erie. Every Summer we spent three weeks or a month there playing on the beach and rolling in the … Continue reading

AHS Soccer White


Apparently I was in soccer two years. Or perhaps we had travel jerseys. All I know for sure is that I have two shirts.



Spy magazine was the greatest thing that happened in publishing in the 1980s. It was smart, funny, totally cool. I got this shirt at a convention (probably in the 90s) and have worn it regularly ever since. This shirt makes … Continue reading



My wife Suzie bought this for me the Summer after we started dating when she went to Germany.

Another Dude for Science


My folks got me this shirt. Lets face it what could be more awesome than Einstein on a skateboard? To be clear: I was not selected to participate in the National Science Bowl of 1991.

Wish I Was Dead


I was at a meeting in college one time and it was so boring that I made a cartoon and we turned it into this shirt. Years later I imagine that these guys are talking about the color of  the … Continue reading

Still Alarm


I played a non-speaking role in a play called “The Still Alarm.” It was more of a skit than a play. It was for speech club and my friends Pat, Dave, Ben and Mark (aka The Pope) were in this … Continue reading



I don’t remember anything about Riverfest. Nothing at all. But I wore this T-shirt all the time for years and years.

Joe’s Place


Joe’s Place was my favorite bar in Iowa City where I went to college. I spent lots of time and money there. I don’t believe I got this shirt until much later and to be honest it doesn’t really represent … Continue reading



I’ve never been to Zooks, but I appreciate how this shirt has a pocket on the front.



I would often say that if someone gave me a chance to front a reggae band with enough money to feed myself that I would drop out of college in a split second. That was wishful thinking. Owning this shirt is about … Continue reading

College Radio


My friend Jeff used to do a bit on a friend’s college radio show where he would encourage people to brush their teeth. Later he became a Navy Dentist. Which goes to show that sometimes things you joke about can … Continue reading



When I was in high school I gave myself the nickname “Rodeny Bellenflour.” I even had a really lame fake ID made one time that used this name. Calling it a “fake ID” would imply that someone could have mistaken … Continue reading



Even though I have an Adventureland T-Shirt, I’ve never been to Adventureland. I spent most of my amusement park years in Michigan and the place we went to was called Cedar Point. When I moved to Iowa it never seemed like a … Continue reading

Bart the Dentist


My friend Jeff went to dentistry school at the University of Washington back when the Simpsons were a brand new television program. Apparently Dentists have a pretty high suicide rate and so do people in Seattle, so the dental program there … Continue reading

Iowa State Engineering


My Dad worked at Iowa State and this was important swag gifted to me by him. I wore this all the time.

The Chief


This shirt was given to me because it has a St. Bernard on it and because I’m bossy.

Super Radio


I have no personal connection with this radio station, no memory of them, no idea about what they play. I do know that I can count on them. And that in college my girlfriend (later my wife) lived in Dubuque. … Continue reading

RQ Dragon


I was a Resident Assistant and so of course there were staff T-Shirts and this one was particularly awesome. My girlfriend at the time (later my lovely wife) drew the heroic RA characters who were fending off the dragon on … Continue reading

RQ Tank


When I was a Resident Assistant my uniform consisted of an attractive coral tank top one year. As you can see from the picture taken at the time, many of us chose to wear a white shirt under the tank. … Continue reading



Who knew Mona Lisa was from Indiana?

Fall Kick Off


I did not attend the Fall Kick Off in 1987. Later that year I joined the organization that planned the kick off and they had some extra shirts. I think this one was a given to me by my friend … Continue reading



Malibar had one. Jeff had one. So I had to have one too. They glowed in the dark. We would sometimes get to wear them at events, like the Fall Kick Off. We did not get to wear guns or … Continue reading

President Barry


Dave Barry is one of my favorite authors. Back in 1988 he ran for President which seemed like a good idea at the time. How great would it be to have a President who was skilled in using the word … Continue reading

Michigan Basketball


As an eight-year-old boy I imprinted on the Michigan Wolverines as the best sports franchise ever. We were living in Ann Arbor at the time and so all things Michigan were cool to me. Somehow the only shirt that represents that … Continue reading

The Big L


I cannot for the life of me recall why this shirt was made or how it was used. It was for some sort of joke or show or something. Later I would wear it around because it is awesome to … Continue reading

Outta Here


When were were done being Resident Assistants we made shirts so people would know we were done. Then we wore the shirts around and they we stopped being Resident Assistants. Then I kept this shirt for over twenty years.

Pink Freud


I like Pink Floyd and in college I took some psychology and luckily someone at the time was thoughtful enough to combine these two things into a helpful T-Shirt.



I don’t remember how I got this shirt or who made it, but the back is awesome and kind of creepy. It might have been made one of my siblings who are all good at art. My sister Susan used … Continue reading



When you go to a national convention, your delegation should have a shirt with a strong call to action like, “try scanning my shirt to see how much I cost!” I don’t recall specifically but I think we were generally … Continue reading

Sometimes Polite


My friend Craig and I made three shirts for my friend Cameron’s birthday with the phrase “Always unpredictable, sometimes polite.” Cameron is in the middle and that phrase was a pretty good summary of what he was like in college.

Outstanding Sheep


My brother-in-law was once in a band called the Mutant Sheep but they didn’t wear sunglasses and red coats. Still this shirt kind of reminds me of Mike.

NYE 1998


We used to celebrate New Years Eve with our friends John and Liz. One year they flew to Minneapolis and we made these shirts. But the best part of that year is that when they got off the plane Liz … Continue reading

Mountain House Road Race


My sister Jen made this great shirt for a down-the-driveway-and-back run we did when the kids were little. My Grandma used a squirt gun to get the race started. It was super fun.



One year my sister Jen called me up and suggested that our parents needed a shuffleboard court at their house in Colorado. She had fond memories of the shuffleboard we used to play at Rondeau Park when we were kids. So she called … Continue reading



When my Grandfather turned 80 we made these awesome shirts for a surprise birthday celebration. We called him “the Geezer.” He had a wonderful sense of humor and a prominent nose.



When my sister Susan turned 25 we made shirts so she could claim us all as property of her athletic dept.



This is the first shirt my daughter ever made for me. She’s adorable.

U of MN Entrepreneur


When you start a company you are going to need to make a bunch of T-Shirts. So when you study about starting companies you should also have a T-Shirt. To get ready.



True story: when I was in graduate school a bunch of us created the Carlson School Apparel Company. We felt like there wasn’t enough clothing with Carlson logos on it. We even contemplated selling our ware over the Internet but … Continue reading



I worked at the University of Minnesota Press and just before I got there they built out a new “branding identity” which included this logo. It turns out this logo is awesome for a bookseller because it looks so great on the … Continue reading



Goldy Gopher is a friendly mascot, particularly when he is working on charitable community projects. I don’t recall what my “support” was for this project but it must have been enough to secure this great T-Shirt!

Keekley Marriage Protest


When Keekely got married we had a blow out in Menomonie where he went to school, starting with Ted’s gyros and ending with someone peeing on the the dance floor of one of the bars in downtown. Kind of a typical … Continue reading



One of my best friends is called “Bugs” but he sometimes spells it with two Gs. I’d like to think I got this shirt because of him. GO BUGS!

T-Wolves Draft


There was a lot of excitement in 1992 when the Timberwolves had four draft picks. They got Christian Laettner that year. I went to the draft party and they were handing out T-Shirts. Exciting!

U the College Newspaper


I went to a bunch of journalism conferences for my first job because we put on journalism conferences. There were exhibit halls at these conferences and sometimes the vendors handed out T-Shirts. Wished I’d saved a copy of that magazine … Continue reading

Matt Kane’s


When I went to journalism conferences at my first job, my boss gave us our per diem in cash. No receipts needed! This meant me and my friend Keekley would spend lots of time in bars, drinking just enough beer to make … Continue reading

Work Hard For No Money


One time we made some shirts that were more like a song. A song about how journalism advisors work so much harder than other teachers. And they don’t get paid very well for it! De do do do….



This shirt is mint condition. It is as soft and clean as the day it was screen printed. I love how Keekley worked in the two color screen. What a nice representation of what it means to attend a convention … Continue reading

Young Money


When I worked at the journalism association we did a deal with the Star Tribune where local high school students wrote about money. It was a cool program–the kids got to be in the paper and we got to make … Continue reading



I sure love this shirt but I have no idea who Bussard/Dikis is or anything about them.



Keekley made shirts for this awesome bachelor party we threw for our friend Rob. The tank top design was just one of the many mistakes that happened around that weekend.

Real Job


My friend Brian gave this to me for Christmas one year. The year before that he gave me an awesome letter opener that had my initials on it. Brian always gave me great gifts.

All State Journalist Lightbulb


This shirt shows a lightbulb that represents the awesome potential of an All State Journalist. If you wear the shirt enough it starts to show the awesome reality of being an actual journalist.

All State Journalist


A classic Keekley designed shirt — worn out but it was for high school students who became All State Journalists. I was not a winner so we must have ordered a few extra shirts.

American Sumo


I spent a brief period working for Verne Gagne, the professional wrestler. He had a vision of creating Sumo Wrestling for Americans. Instead of big Asian guys in diapers we’d use NFL linesman in biking shorts. It was going to … Continue reading

Atticus Bookstore


When I was in book publishing I met the folks from Atticus books at a trade show. They were super cool and their T-Shirt was even cooler. I wore this one to rags and yet couldn’t put it in the … Continue reading

Hoop Dreams


Hoop dreams was an amazing documentary. I only saw the documentary once but I wore this shirt all the time for years.



Engineering Animation Incorporated (EAI) was a company that my Dad’s students started. They made cool software that used real engineering models to render awesome graphics. I did some work for them and like all good software companies they had T-shirts … Continue reading



It’s hard to remember but you used to need an ethernet solution for your department. Asante was the leader of this industry and I worked for a company that used the departmental solutions for classrooms. We didn’t have T-shirts for … Continue reading

BIYF Subtle


The Beer is Your Friend festival started slowly with its merchandise. This is an early shirt that demonstrated a simple affinity to beer and blender drinks. This is before Paarmann really cranked up the gear and Cafe Press became an … Continue reading

BIYF Thingtext


Each BIYF had a theme and I believe this year it was around the Thing. The text was Thing-like. The back has the classic motto shield. Migrate!

BIYF Semper Migratote


Every year for many many years about a dozen friends travel great distances to sit together with beer and bad science fiction. This collective calls themselves “Beer is Your Friend” or BIYF. The annual trip is our migration and we commit … Continue reading

BIYF Shatnerian Jihad


There are different levels of geek and I won’t pretend that I am on the level where this shirt makes sense. I love this classic Paarmann design because it’s green, because it says Shatnerian Jihad and that seems cool to … Continue reading

BIYF Bunny


One year we saw this great movie about radioactive rabbits at BIYF. “Dee” Kelly played the rocking college President who was responsible for the lab where the horrible radioactive accident happened. He had an awesome mustache. They killed all the … Continue reading

B-Squad First


Being part of a softball team means every year there is a new shirt to wear. The B-Squad isn’t known for winning games, but we have great shirts. It started off with a bang in this classic black-on-yellow design by … Continue reading

B-Squad Latin


In the second year of the B-Squad, Keekley opted for a yellow logo on a gray shirt for a washed out look. The prize was on the back: a custom drawing of the Italian meat sandwiches that the sponsoring bar … Continue reading

B-Squad Sideways


When you step up to bat in a game of softball, the opposing team can barely see your awesome T-Shirt. The design is mostly on the back or the front and you are looking at them sideways. Keekley addressed this … Continue reading

B-Squad 70s Three Star


Classic 70’s sensibility and three stars were the inspiration for this B-Squad shirt designed by Zindren. Zin capitalized on a notation in the softball bulletin that year that leagues with an astrick designation were “recreational.” But for some reason our … Continue reading

B-Squad Honeycomb


Welcome to the honeycomb hideout! This design by Decker put a classic bee symbol on the brightest yellow shirt he could find. We stood out!

B-Squad Mickey


The B-Squad is a softball team that wants to fight everyone to death, so this design by Zindren seems oddly appropriate. Generally we drink regular beer but the spirit that inspired the Mickey’s Wide-Mouth Malt Liquor bee can be found … Continue reading

B-Squad Summer of Love


The year that Dave-O got married to the lovely Phoebe we declared the Summer of Love. This Keekley design pays homage to that special event by mixing the angry malt liquor bee and a double screened star on the back … Continue reading

B-Squad 10


The tenth anniversary of the B-Squad was celebrated with this Keekley design that imagines a B-Squad that is actually eleven years old. This is the an Alterna-B-Squad that starts in 1999, one year before our team. They hit, field, possibly … Continue reading

B-Squad Red Star


For a short period of time we had an active member of the B-Squad who was from China. Michael helped Keekley create this shirt which says something to the effective of “We play as one.” Michael could not believe that … Continue reading

B-Squad Overprint


One year Keekely wanted to try to make shirts out of existing shirts. So he asked the men of the B-Squad to rummage through their closets and find one shirt that could be re-purposed for the annual softball shirt. About … Continue reading

B-Squad Agility Rally Obedience


All year the team debated which principle on this shirt was most important: Agility, Rally, Obedience. The agility people tended to play in the outfield, the rally guys were the good hitters and of course I kept pushing the obedience … Continue reading

BigCharts Collar


When I got my internship at BigCharts I was issued this shirt on the first day. It was the first shirt of what eventually filled up most of a closet. Rummaging through that closet my hand always gravitates to this … Continue reading

BigCharts V3


There are four sizes of charts at BigCharts: small, medium, large and big. The Biggest BigCharts were introduced in the V3 update of 1999. This happened during my internship and the V3 shirt has always been one of my favorites.



Sadly I don’t have any of the early classic white BigCharts shirts. Those shirts were great, particularly the one they made during the crash of 2001 where the BigCharts guy on the back has a dialog balloon saying “Crap!” Over … Continue reading

WSJ Briefing Books


WSJ was notorious for pushing out the dates of their projects. This one lasted for months and months and as we got to the final final final launch date we got the requisite project T-Shirts made. And, if memory serves, they ended … Continue reading

MarketWatch Concert


As if foosball tables weren’t enough, in the salad days of MarketWatch we had so many offices we made a shirt to brag about it. This play on a concert t-shirt is a great reminder that we had two offices … Continue reading

Red MarketWatch


When my boss Scott left MarketWatch he brought me a gift–this crazy shirt. He said he wasn’t sure if it was a misprint or if it was a small run, but he wanted me to have it. It is the … Continue reading

Sales Staff


This simple design was inspired by the staff shirts at First Avenue. There were variations for every team.

Rolling Dividends


MarketWatch had an indoor soccer team called the Rolling Dividends. We were pretty good. The games were late at night in Burnsville which is a long ways from anywhere. I think I would have stayed with the team longer if … Continue reading

Migration Successful


Before “the cloud” companies had actual data centers and from time to time they needed to be moved across the country. These projects were so big that a commemorative T-Shirt was entirely appropriate. Especially if the project was successful!

USA Today Money


At MarketWatch we would provide the financial pages of other companies websites and when we did big projects for them we would make T-Shirts for those clients. This one is from a rebranding of the USA Today website in 2002. … Continue reading

CNN Money


In 2007 MarketWatch revised CNN Money’s stock pages. I flew out for the launch party and brought a box of T-Shirts. After the launch party I went to check in to my hotel and discovered that my wallet was gone. … Continue reading

MarketWatch Licensing Services


MarketWatch sold technology, data and web services to other companies and this business had a lot of different names. During this phase we called ourselves “MarketWatch Licensing Services” which was very descriptive but not particularly inspirational.


Metro T Shirt

Metro was the code name for an infrastructure project that was going to create a magic backbone for all the various units of Dow Jones Online to share data and other services. At least I think that is what Metro … Continue reading

Dow Jones Online


This shirt is from that golden age when we didn’t know what the heck to call ourselves. What do you call a mish-mosh of websites, technologies, syndication capabilites and other non-print businesses? Well for a very brief period we called … Continue reading

From Dow Jones


When Dow Jones bought MarketWatch for around $500M one issue wasn’t really cleared up. What would be the logo/brand association between MarketWatch and Dow Jones? There were many discussions but not much agreement and as the clock ticked down to … Continue reading

MarketWatch 10 Years


A ten-year-old website is a bit like a 21-year-old person, which is to say we celebrated this anniversary at the bar. I flew to San Francisco where we had a big office and we rented a cool space and there … Continue reading

Team Shirts

Team T-Shirt

We did a project once where there were five or six teams and each of them was named after a color. Each team had a shirt with their color–I can’t remember if the word “team” was in the color or … Continue reading



Dow Jones owned (perhaps still kind of owns) a career site called FINS which was targeted at financial professionals. They would hand out T-Shirts to every “sister” website that they wanted to do something for them. When they wanted to … Continue reading

Dynamic Duo


This great shirt was designed by Dante and worn proudly by my colleague Kent. Kent works out and you really got a sense of just how dynamic the combination of MarketWatch and Dow Jones were when he stretched this shirt across his … Continue reading

Project Moneypenny


Moneypenny was one of my favorite project names. It was a major redesign for MarketWatch and captured both what MarketWatch was about (Money) and how much people wanted us to spend (Penny). It also had the cool James Bond angle. … Continue reading

Mr. Bigglesworth


Project Bigglesworth was a major migration where we switched the provider for the underlying data sources for all of our quotes content. Massive complexity and significant engineering–certainly worthy of a T-Shirt. As an added bonus, the name of the project … Continue reading

Redundant Again

Redundant Again

If you are going to do something as uninteresting as increasing your data center capacity, the best thing you can do is make a T-Shirt as awesome as this one. This has long been one of my high-rotation shirts. I … Continue reading


Elvis has left the building t-shirt

When I left Dow Jones my folks got me this shirt.  Perhaps they imagined that everyone at DJ was going to keep cheering until they heard I’d left the building so they could go on with their business. I don’t … Continue reading

East Lansing State Bank 10k

East Lansing State Bank 10,000 Meter Run

Both distance running as a hobby and T-Shirts were relatively new in the 1970s, and this shirt kicked off both of those as life passions for me. My collection of running shirts began with this one: the East Lansing State Bank … Continue reading

Midnight Madness


In Ames, Iowa they have a 10k that is run at night. I ran this with my friend Julius when we were in high school. I think we dressed up in Hawaiian shirts and wore pig-ear caps for the actual … Continue reading

Dam to Dam 1990


Dam to Dam is a race in Des Moines Iowa. I seem to have more Dam to Dam T-Shirts than Dam to Dam memories. I do remember running maybe twice. I remember that it had lots of big hills. I … Continue reading

Dam to Dam 1993


I remember being impressed that Dam to Dam had live bands playing for the runners. This was before people ran with headsets so it was nice to have music on the course.

Dam to Dam 1998


Finally some bright green makes the scene. This accent color on the Dam to Dam shirt becomes all the rage a dozen years later with everyone reaching for that shade of bright.

YWCA Fun Run


My lovely wife worked at the YWCA in St. Paul and they would have a fun-run to raise money. I remember this as being my first small run–maybe less than 300 people ran the race. It may be the only … Continue reading

Get in Gear 1998


The Get in Gear has become an annual tradition for me since 2008, but ten years earlier I ran it one time. It was a 10K then and as I recall it was cold and rainy. Shades of Get in … Continue reading

Bay to Breakers


The Bay to Breakers is an annual party/run in San Francisco. It cuts across the city, marching up the massive hills and ending in a lovely park. Lots of naked people run the race as well as people dressed up … Continue reading

Carlson Running Club


When I started business school I found a bunch of other runners and in the first week of class we decided that we would train together to run a marathon. It was going to be great. And then class started … Continue reading

Fishhook Half


This run is in Park Rapids, MN. A beautiful course with just a handful of runners–maybe less than 60 at the start. It rained hard at the start but cleared up and was perfect weather when I finished. My family … Continue reading

Tour de Tonka 2009


My daughter Maddie and I did the Tour de Tonka a few times. The first one was a particularly satisfying accomplishment since it was her first really long bike ride. When we stopped at the first rest stop I was … Continue reading

Tour de Tonka 2012


On our second Tour de Tonka, Maddie was less interested in the distance and more interested in the rest stops. She knew what to expect: music and candy!

Run the Ranches


In Grand County Colorado the local running club and the local trail upkeep committee run a “series” of races that start out at resorts/ranches and wind all over through the woods. It was a fantastic run, though the first two … Continue reading

Raspberry Run 2010


I wanted to do a run with my daughter so we decided to try the Raspberry Run in Hopkins. It is a one-miler. Maddie made it the entire way without stopping. It’s a fun race because you run down main … Continue reading

Hopkins Raspberry Run 2012


In 2012 Jacob ran his first one miler at the Raspberry run. We ran together, chatting away. I told him jokes about zombies and he thought that was great. He was proud to finish and get to stand under the … Continue reading

Get in Gear 2010


They should have got their screen printing machine in gear so the letters would be clear and there wouldn’t be ink splattered all over the shirt.

Get in Gear 2011


They should have got their graphic designer in gear so this shirt wouldn’t look like ten ideas thrown together.

Get in Gear 2012

Get in Gear 2012 T-Shirt

Finally the Get in Gear marks that all-important milestone of 35 years running. I appreciate the clarity of the graphics (especially compared to ’10 and ’11) and breadth of the puns. Still I can’t help but marvel at how literal they take … Continue reading

Minneapolis Marathon


I ran my first marathon in 2011. I decided to try the distance in January or February, got a coach and trained hard for the Minneapolis Marathon. I had a great pit crew that met me at several points and … Continue reading

WhistleStop Marathon

Whistlestop T-Shirt

Determined to better my time at the Minneapolis Marathon earlier in the year, I chose a cool-weather race with a slight downhill disposition. They also promised in their literature there would be a tail wind. I prepared harder for this … Continue reading

Grandma’s Marathon

Grandmas Marathon T-Shirt

My friend Paul suggested that I try the Grandma’s Marathon after hearing about the 2011 races. He claimed it was “a great weekend activity for the family.” I couldn’t believe that a marathon could qualify as being interesting to the … Continue reading



Bill Rogers won the Boston Marathon in 1975 with a time of 2:09:55 setting a course record. He won three more Boston Marathons by 1980. And during that time I was obsessed with running and the magical Boston Marathon. In … Continue reading

TC 10 Miler 2011


The Star Tribune fields a big team for the media challenge at the Twin Cities 10 Miler every year. This race follows the back half of the marathon course–a pleasant, hilly race with a fantastic downhill finish at the state capital. … Continue reading

TC 10 Miler 2012

Medtronic TC 10 Miler 2012 T Shirt

There is something silly and satisfying when you compete in the media challenge that is part of the TC 10 Miler. While mostly it doesn’t matter if you pass (or get passed) by any participant of a big race like … Continue reading



I was always proud of what my Mom did — she was a family therapist and an administrator for a mental health service organization. So it was good that I had a shirt with their logo on it to show my … Continue reading

YWCA St. Paul


My lovely wife worked at the YWCA of St. Paul writing grants and helping with donations. They do amazing work there–it is much more than a local fitness center. They have a transitional housing program and lots of programs for … Continue reading



I love Colorado–I have family there and often visit Denver and the mountains. But I don’t think I’ve ever been to Keystone mountain, much less a gift shop in Keystone where I could acquire a shirt like this. Consequently I … Continue reading


Obama T-Shirt

My buddy Jamie gave me this shirt. I think this happened after Jamie quit working for a large media company (though I was, and still am, employed in media). Jamie was suddenly relieved of any obligation to obscure or surpress the public … Continue reading


Guinness T-Shirt

Someone who went to Ireland and visited Guinness bought me this cool shirt. It’s classic, understated and confident–just like their beer.

Trade Play


I gave someone who was working on a start up some advice and he was kind enough to send me a T-Shirt. The shirt is cool, though I must admit I haven’t downloaded his App yet.

Tim Anderson Experience


When my friend Tim (aka Malibar) had a birthday we threw a big party plus meat raffle. These shirts were given to every guest and they were a bit hit. It was an eclectic group and we had a big … Continue reading



Does this a anthropomorphic candy make me look like my chest is misshapen? That is the question I should have asked my friend Jamie when we were “shopping” at the M&M store in Times Square one night at midnight after a long … Continue reading

Paul Simon


I bought this at an awesome Paul Simon concert at the Northrop Hall in Minneapolis in 2006–I think it was for the Surprise tour. I love that album. I don’t know why more people don’t love that album. Anyway, he … Continue reading



My dad retired and then immediately got a new job at a start-up called Webfilings. Some of Dad’s former students are the founders of the company. They are the same guys who did EAI. He is having a great time … Continue reading

Kennedy High School


I bought this shirt because I was at a grocery store with my friend Dave O or possibly it was Malibar, or both. We may have been drinking. There was a big rack of shirts there and they were inexpensive. This … Continue reading



I bought this shirt because I was at a grocery store with my friend Malibar, possibly Dave O was also there. In any case there was a rack of really cheap shirts. I was trying to recapture some of the … Continue reading


Google T-Shirt

When I brought this shirt home my son was only four or five years old. He certainly couldn’t read yet. I asked him if he knew what the shirt was about and he replied, “Google is how you find things … Continue reading

Spokane, Washington


My friends Dave and Phoebe moved to Spokane, Washington. This was a grand disappointment to me and the many friends and family who enjoyed having Dave and Phoebe close at hand. I was particularly gloomy about their move and perhaps due to … Continue reading

Beer Nuts

Beer Nuts T-Shirt

I think my sister Jen and her husband got me this shirt along with a Beer Nuts hat. They were a package deal–tied up together. You can hardly read the print on the shirt but I was always excited to … Continue reading

SF Giants

San Francisco Giants T Shirt

One time on a visit to San Francisco I bought this shirt because I was at a Giants game and it was unbelievably hot. Coming from Minnesota, I had not worn appropriate clothes. Another time I went to a Giants … Continue reading

Little Nicky Punto

Twins T-Shirt

The small but scrappy one-time third baseman for the Minnesota Twins named Nick Punto was nick-named by a local blogger “Little Nicky Punto.” This became a big joke around our house. When I would take the kids to a game … Continue reading

Sklar Brothers Henderson

Sklar Brothers T-Shirt

I acquired my affinity for the comedy powerhouse of Jason and Randy Sklar when they did their ESPN show “Cheap Seats.” Suz and I used to watch it every week even though neither of us are all that much into … Continue reading

Road Sign Math

Road Sign Math T Shirt

Suz and I were out to dinner with our friends Jamie and Tammy and Jamie was talking about how he always tried to come up with mathematical solutions to road signs—trying to make an equation with all the numbers that worked out … Continue reading

Mountain House Road Race 2012

Mountain House Road Race T Shirt

We revisited the Mountain House Road Race several years later. All the kids could run–no one was in a stroller or a backpack. Maddie made the shirt for this run and the day before we all tie-died our shirts. Believe … Continue reading

Olive and Company


My friends Tom and Rob run a design firm and this is a shirt from one of their holiday parties. They made lots of different versions of the shirt with different guys. I got the mohawk guy. You didn’t get … Continue reading

Olive and Company Movie Trailer

Olive and Company T Shirt

The 2011 Olive holiday party had a trailer which tells the story of a guy who punches an ape, dances with a space man and saves a lollipop for a little girl. The party was even better than the trailer … Continue reading

End of the Road Radio: WELY

WELY T-shirt

I got this shirt on a trip to Ely for the Blueberry festival. I was so excited to see the actual WELY people because I’ve often listened to their stream on the Internet. I also got a hat which is … Continue reading

Hamburg Inn #2

Hamburg Inn #2 T-Shirt

I love Hamburg Inn #2 in Iowa City. Spent many hours there when I was in college and it is a must-visit on any trips back. My friend Tim and I used to there for pancakes and coffee. He would … Continue reading

Tanglen Elementary PTO


Do you know the main difference between a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) and a PTA (Parent Teacher Association)? The PTA you have to pay dues to belong, whereas the PTO every parent is a member even if they never pay … Continue reading

Hopkins Cross Country

Hopkins Cross Country T Shirt

The High School cross country team coaches do a workshop for elementary students and I took my kids. It was fun–they ran around and got prizes. There was a T-Shirt giveaway and I won!

Grain Belt Premium

Grain Belt Premium Beer T Shirt

Our family recently toured the Schell’s brewery in New Ulm, Minnesota. A must visit if you are nearby. In addition to the Schell’s brand which they’ve been brewing there since the beginning of time, they also make Grain Belt Premium. … Continue reading



In 2012 I picked up a sport/lawn game called Kubb. I joined a team called the Kubbchucks and we played in a tournament in February and then we played in the Nationals tournament in the summer. It is possible that one day … Continue reading


Kubb Klassic Shirt

Des Moines Iowa has a very well organized and talented Kubb culture. I met some of the Des Moines guys at the other Kubb tournaments and thought it might be fun to drive down for a little Iowa Kubb. I … Continue reading



One of the best parts of playing in a Kubb tournament is getting to name your team. When my sister Susan and I decided to form a team for the Des Moines Kubb Klassic, we had many long conversations about … Continue reading